Patient waves


Loneliness is always painful
yet a sudden rush of sadness is worst during summer.
When the days are long and no matter how hard you try
to occupy your mind with different thoughts
tire out your body just to feel a different pain
get out in the sun and run away from yourself
there is no place to hide.

The nights are too short to comfort your aching soul.
You want to shut the lights
crawl into the safety of your bed and pass out
until the feeling has passed
but the sun keeps hanging in the sky
illuminating an empty space next to you.

When I feel lonely I want to talk
when you feel lonely you hide away.
Where is our language to express
the rough edges around the warm feelings we share?
Where is the softness of our hands
to guide ourselves around, through and over obstacles
which just seem unconquerable from afar but fall apart
once we put down our fears?

I long for your lips
I need them!
Even if we don’t kiss
they can reassure me that the day is close
and all the kitschy sunsets and warm nights
are just summer rehearsing
for the days we will gaze at the stars and listen
to patient waves breaking on a distant shore line.